Do things. Teach people.

Equitable education will scale innovation.

how i make the world a better place

Education Architect

I put my Bachelors of Education degree to work building hands-on, critical thinking, and empathic learning experiences for everyone.

Public Speaking

Looking for a keynote that can engage everyone? Look no further.

Big Ideas

I've been told I'm a pioneer of big ideas. Want to idea jam? Feedback is a gift.

sometimes i blog

Dear Charlie

Dear Charlie

Today you are one! (Well, yesterday technically since we are in Australia. But today is the day you were born in Canada).   Without ...
What I do for work and why I think it matters

What I do for work and why I think it matters

I get asked these questions all the time: What is it you do for Actua? What is coding, what is computational thinking and why is it important...
DIY oils

DIY oils

Remember how I was on a mission to make great baby gear? Well, now I'm on a mission to save the planet and make us a healthier home. On my mis...