This One’s for Him



This painting is my thank you to the gentle giant I met in Hall Beach, Nunavut during my first and likely last chance to see a polar bear in its natural habitat.

Every day our bears are travelling farther to find sea ice they can hunt on and are unfortunately being pushed into towns to find food and often their demise.

This was true for the boy I saw.  There is one less giant in the world and that breaks my heart. This one is for him.


Pull up a Chair

Ikea High Chair Face Lift by Jace

Today marks the first day of our third trimester so it seemed like the perfect time to share my latest baby gear face lift. Today’s project features this Ikea High Chair (tray not shown). This was the quickest project yet. In keeping with our colour scheme I just upgraded the legs with some gold spray paint and applied a darling monogram in royal blue from GardenCityBoutique that I picked up on Etsy for under $3. Beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive. This project comes in under $25 and matches our chairs perfectly.