Northern Lights



Did you know that singing to the Northern Lights makes them dance? The Inuit have been singing at the lights for generations. So when I got to see them in Iqaluit, Nunavut for the first time, I had to try it. And when I say I had to, I mean I really HAD to. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. I was all-in, unedited, and giggling at the top of the world. The more I laughed and sang the more they danced. It was life changing.

Today Charlie Rose is 3 months old.  I’m still giggling at the beauty of everything.

This One’s for Him



This painting is my thank you to the gentle giant I met in Hall Beach, Nunavut during my first and likely last chance to see a polar bear in its natural habitat.

Every day our bears are travelling farther to find sea ice they can hunt on and are unfortunately being pushed into towns to find food and often their demise.

This was true for the boy I saw.  There is one less giant in the world and that breaks my heart. This one is for him.