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Follow Jace on social: @JaceActually
Follow Jace on social: @JaceActually

My Purpose

Jacylin [Jay-See-Lin]

My mom gave me a difficult name so I would learn to use my voice. My name is Jacylin Rose Marie, but you can call me Jace, actually.  My mother is Helene Rose Poirier and my grandma is Rose Poirier.


My purpose is to build experiences with communities...

🦉where everyone is offered equitable access to knowledge,

🦅 where people aren’t afraid to fail in pursuit of self-actualization,

✊ where you can be your authentic self and experience belonging without bounds,

🌎 where everyone’s contributions are valued in shared economies while being in relationship with the land,

🙌 so that we can build for the future wellbeing of our children and home,

♥️ Mother Earth