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Follow Jace on social: @JaceActually
Follow Jace on social: @JaceActually

Jace Meyer Speaker Rider

Tansi! Hello! 

Tansi! I’m Jacylin Rose Marie Meyer, my mom gave me a difficult name so that I would learn to use my voice. You can call me Jace, actually. As a speaker I’ve worked to co-create the conditions for people to feel belonging without bounds and aren’t afraid to fail in their pursuit to self actualization. How I show up in the world is just as important to me as what I create and share with others. This speaker rider is designed to bring us together in a love-centered relationship, and ensure that this interaction creates space and a platform for the Indigenous women and youth that will come after me.

Speaker Diversity

Understanding who else will be speaking and participating in your event is a top-level consideration for whether or not we do business together. I am very fortunate to have a diverse national network so I can support you to ensure that there is a diverse representation of speakers and participants. One green flag I look for is whether your forms allow people to self-identify their pronouns and identities.

I will not speak at your event if any of your sessions are led only by panels of cis-white men, or where the inclusion of people of colour is centered on their experience as a person of colour over celebrating their expertise in their craft. 

As an Indigenous woman, I want to see at least 5% Indigenous participation across speakers and participants. To support this effort, I ask for 10 free seats to offer to youth in my community if the content is appropriate for their participation.


All areas of the event (including any auxiliary events like official afterparties or co-located events) must be accessible to those who require mobility aids and the use of strollers.

Captioning should be provided, ideally live by a trained professional. If there is absolutely no other option, auto-generated captioning is not the greatest but will suffice.

Gender-neutral washrooms, prayer spaces, and the ability to smudge on site is highly recommended. For a list of conference accessibility considerations, you can book my time as a consultant for a full inclusion audit 

Costs for Speakers

In a world where we are safe to travel, airfare and accommodations the day before and on the day of the event is a requirement for my attendance. To guarantee my time, offering this opportunity to my daughter, Charlie Rose, so that she can grow up witnessing Indigenous women leading is the greatest gift you can provide to my family. 

To speak for those that are not at the table today, I recommend that you cover these costs on behalf of speakers so that no person without a credit card is unconsciously excluded from speaking at your event. 

Speaking Fees and Honorariums

In my career, my teaching has reached more than 1.3Million people across Turtle Island, Australia, Aotearoa, Chile, UK, and the United States. For every event I speak at I do my best to curate these learnings and customize them to your audience. In order to hold my time, I expect to be paid in advance of the event. 

As a person dedicated to overcoming the trauma of money, I have built a sliding pay-what-you can model in order to serve youth and underrepresented audiences. I will not reduce my fees, nor recommend other BIPOC speakers, for paid corporate events seeking discounts from unplatformed speakers.  If I am being paid, all other speakers should be paid as well. A conference ticket for full participation in your event is requested.

Because I believe in transparency, and I value your time, my public speaking fees are:

  • Keynote Presentation $5000
  • Workshop Facilitator $2500
  • Event Host / Correspondent $2500
  • Indigenous Engagement Strategist $500/hr

If these costs don’t fit your budget, please send me a note to describe how your event and my attendance will make the world a better place for Indigenous people and youth, and I will do my best to create shared value with you regardless of budget. 

Intellectual Property

You may record or stream my event, but I retain ownership over the content of the talk and the right to give the talk at other events at my discretion. I expect to have the recording shared with me within 1 week of the event and will use this asset to keep my speaker reel up to date, and continue to promote our collaboration on my social channels.

I believe education is a reciprocal relationship, I will encourage your participants to live-tweet, or share their experience on social media and ask that you remind them to tag me in their reflections using my handle @JaceActually - this greatly improves my craft by hearing from your people.  

If you record or stream a presentation, please ensure that it is captioned. Recordings cannot be paywalled (unless I give express, written permission, such as if you have paid me for a private corporate event), and I reserve the right to ask that any recording, audio or video, as well as my likeness, be taken down at any point in the future for any reason of my choosing.

Bio and Headshot

Available on my website is my most recent bio and headshot. You may use this bio as is, or together we can co-create a biography that better suits your marketing strategy. All images and introductions must be approved by me before use. 

Cross Promotion

Please tag me (@JaceActually) in all your event marketing assets. My largest platforms include Instagram and Twitter, and at times, LinkedIn. I will do my best to ensure my network is aware of your event and feel called-in to attend now or in the future.

Technology + Supplies

For virtual events, I can confirm that I have an HD camera, podcast quality SURE microphone, full-lighting, and a pleasant backdrop for a full professional experience. On site I bring my own laptops, dongle, remote with pointer, and chart paper and pens if we’re creating a hands-on experience for your participants. 

COVID Policies

Your event must require both masks and proof of vaccination for me to appear in person. Masking should be actively enforced by conference staff. I understand that some jurisdictions made it illegal to require masks or proof of vaccination; if your event is in such a jurisdiction, I will be happy to present my talk remotely. Personally, I will take a rapid test before flying to your event, and before entering the conference. 


Cancelling a speaking engagement breaks my heart to consider. That said, the ongoing global pandemic means that a cancellation is more likely than ever before. In the case of a surge, either globally or locally, as a result of a new variant or not, I reserve the right to pull out of your event for my own safety and the safety of others. In that case, I will offer a remote presentation if I’m healthy enough to present. This may also mean that my daughter is with me during the event. She’s grown up on or near stages and is an active listener and networker.

Contacting Me

Still reading? Yay! This tells me that we have shared values and are working together to pass the mic to a new generation of changemakers and thought leaders. To book a keynote, workshop, or strategy session with me, please visit my booking page