This One’s for Him



This painting is my thank you to the gentle giant I met in Hall Beach, Nunavut during my first and likely last chance to see a polar bear in its natural habitat.

Every day our bears are travelling farther to find sea ice they can hunt on and are unfortunately being pushed into towns to find food and often their demise.

This was true for the boy I saw.  There is one less giant in the world and that breaks my heart. This one is for him.


Pull up a Chair

Ikea High Chair Face Lift by Jace

Today marks the first day of our third trimester so it seemed like the perfect time to share my latest baby gear face lift. Today’s project features this Ikea High Chair (tray not shown). This was the quickest project yet. In keeping with our colour scheme I just upgraded the legs with some gold spray paint and applied a darling monogram in royal blue from GardenCityBoutique that I picked up on Etsy for under $3. Beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive. This project comes in under $25 and matches our chairs perfectly.

Say Yes to Gold Spray Paint

Being an avid organizer, having the little tags to hang in the closet to separate newborn clothes by size was a must. However the Babies-R-Us’s selection, was not for us. But, the sale was hard to say no to, so I brought these normally $10 dividers home for just $3 and gave them a few coats of gold spray paint. Initially, it bothered me that they didn’t cover 100%, but in the end I love that the polka-dots show through. With a paint pen I added on the different size ranges and they look.. good as gold!

Modern Baby Closet Dividers in Gold by Jace

Modern Baby Closet Dividers in Gold by Jace

I’m on a Mission to Modernize Baby Gear (Without Breaking the Bank!)

I’ve always believed that you should not own anything you do not know to be beautiful or that can’t perform at least two functions (read: I’m a minimalist).

So, when it came to start gathering baby items I found myself overwhelmed by the quantity of things we’d be bringing home that seemed to only come covered in cartoon characters unless you were willing to shell out some really big bucks.

Thus, I’ve found the perfect opportunity to challenge my creativity while we await baby. I’m now on a mission to modernize baby gear without breaking the bank.  As I keep tinkering along, I’ll post my before and after photos here.

First up: The Baby Gym

I bought this $30 Baby Gym from Ikea and spent a few nights (and many coats of paint) to transform it into this modern little mobile mobile, as we’ve taken to calling it. I can’t help but love that it perfectly matches her room and it just took a little patience to get it there. Voila!

Ikea baby gym facelift by Jace

Ikea baby gym facelift by Jace

Next: Closet Organizers!

Till the Bear Lake Has Cubs

If you know me, you know this: I love polar bears.

Jace Meyers Sleeping Cub, Polar Bear Painting, Acrylic, Sleeping Polar Bear


The love probably arose from my mom’s stories of taking turns being on polar bear lookout as she tobogganed down the sloping streets of Churchill, Manitoba. There was something always magical sounding about sledding on the snowy streets with the white giants in the distance.

Thanks for the endless painting inspiration, mom. I’ll love you till the bear lake has cubs.

It’s a Girl!

While I didn’t have any suspicions or inklings on what we were having, the paint never lies. It’s a girl!! We cannot wait to welcome our newest team member to the family. See you in January, Charlie Rose.

The paint never lies, it's a girl!


Charlie Rose, here’s to the three of us figuring out how to give you the courage and determination to live out your wildest dreams. Never forget, that you already are enough.