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What I do for work and why I think it matters

What I do for work and why I think it matters

img_0547I get asked these questions all the time: What is it you do for Actua? What is coding, what is computational thinking and why is it important?

I think Melissa Sariffodeen has done an incredible job summing this up for me in her recent Your Morning Segment on CTV. Thank you, Melissa (and everyone else working in this space)!

Computationally thinking, and scientific literacy more broadly, is so critical for our future and for our kid's future. Why? Because we need to be better problem solvers, more critical thinkers and more capable and conscious makers. And coding is one way to do that. Increase the diversity of people empowered in this way and I think - scratch that - I know we can make the world a better place.
I encourage you to watch this 5 minute clip and learn a bit more about the issue and consequently, the work I'm doing at Actua.
I'm privileged to develop national programs and projects that help more kids learn these skills (among many others) in empowering, confidence boosting ways so that we can innovate social and economic change and leave a beautiful world and legacy to our grandchildren. This is truly my impetus for going to work every day.
I believe in this work so much I challenged myself to walk the walk. This year I started learning how to code (I built these two websites: and and explored multiple ways of making.
We are also consciously teaching Charlie to fail, to take risks, to play, to be curious, and when the time is right (which is sooner than you might expect!) we will introduce computationally thinking skills so that she can build/make anything she sets her mind to in the future.
That's what this whole coding/maker movement means to me. This is what I do for work and why I think it matters. Still have questions? Leave a comment below, I'd love to talk about this issue more.
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