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Some gifts give twice: a more meaningful Christmas

Some gifts give twice: a more meaningful Christmas

If you're like me, it's hard to turn down the opportunity to celebrate the change in seasons and to thank the people who matter most in life.  And if you're also like me, you might struggle with how to balance this desire with your minimalist, environment-protection, social-impact beliefs. Oh the joys of Christmas. 

Each year we commit to a new way to have a more meaningful Christmas

When Charlie was born we invested in Santa Sacks, so that Charlie never expects more from Santa than what can fit into that canvas bag. The idea behind this change was that Charlie could expect colouring books, clothing, art supplies, and games from Santa so that her gifts are reflective of what the majority of people might be able to save up for for their children. So that inevitably, when she goes to school and kids are comparing what Santa brought them, we can lessen the blow of some kids getting ipads from Santa while others get lunch boxes. Plus, we get all the credit for any major gift that comes her way. 

This decision has a secondary benefit - we would reduce the amount of wrapping paper we used in her lifetime! This year we continue with wrapping-free gift giving and not just at Christmas. Believe me, there was a slight hesitation on my part to show up at the 5 year old's birthday party with an unwrapped board game, but the kid loved that he knew exactly what he got from Charlie and didn't have to wait to open it. One mom joked, "I'll take the time savings on wrapping." Me too, sister, me too.

So for 2019, the tradition of finding one more thing we could tweak to further the depths of do-good-gift-giving continues.  And we've decided to shop only from Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

My gift to you is a curated list of Indigenous-owned/made products for everyone on your list:





          Loved Ones

            If you end up gifting any of these items this year, be sure to tag me in a photo @jaceactually. It will make my heart sing, and the entrepreneur's you bought it from! Some gifts give twice! 



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