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Mission: modernize baby gear

Mission: modernize baby gear

I've always believed that you should not own anything you do not know to be beautiful or that can't perform at least two functions (read: I'm a minimalist).

So, when it came to start gathering baby items I found myself overwhelmed by the quantity of things we'd be bringing home that seemed to only come covered in cartoon characters unless you were willing to shell out some really big bucks.

Thus, I've found the perfect opportunity to challenge my creativity while we await baby. I'm now on a mission to modernize baby gear without breaking the bank.  As I keep tinkering along, I'll post my before and after photos here.

First up: The Baby Gym

I bought this $30 Baby Gym from Ikea and spent a few nights (and many coats of paint) to transform it into this modern little mobile mobile, as we've taken to calling it. I can't help but love that it perfectly matches her room and it just took a little patience to get it there. Voila!

Ikea baby gym facelift by Jace

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