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DIY oils

DIY oils

Essentialoils by jaceactuallydotcom

Remember how I was on a mission to make great baby gear? Well, now I'm on a mission to save the planet and make us a healthier home.

On my mission, I've fallen in love with essential oils. I'm using them for everything from aromatherapy, to food, to makeup and cleaning products.  Since most of my creative time has been spent in the kitchen  or at my workbench lately,  I've decided to start sharing these projects here.

One of my first projects, and perhaps my favourite is when I decided to make my own rose essential oil. I couldn't afford to purchase high quality fair-trade rose oil so I did some research and made my own. The best part, I made it with the roses I got for my first Mother's day. (Thank you Charlie!)

While I still have some time to wait before I can put this to use, I am already in the love with the results. Just look at that colour! Ah!

Here's what I did:

+ Glass Jar
+ Rose Petals (wilted but not dry)

  1. Remove rose petals from the stem and rip into smaller pieces in order to increase the surface area. You can mortar and pestle this if you have it.
  2. Place loosely into a glass jar filling to about 3/4 full.
  3. Cover with extra virgin olive oil being sure to add 1inch more above your rose petals.
    • Use can substitute EVOO for Jojoba oil if you want to turn this into a beauty product.
  4. Secure the lid and shake to coat rose petals.
  5. Leave your jar in a sunny spot for 1 week to help the rose oil incorporate.
    • You can speed this process up by placing your sealed jar in a crockpot of water on low for 4-6 hours.
  6. Strain rose petals from oil with cheese cloth squeezing the petals to save as much oil as possible.
  7. Store in a cool, dark place.

I plan to use my oil in my diffuser as an alternative to candles/room spray. I think I'll also add a few drops to my Rosemary Epsom salts! How do you use essential oils?





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