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Commander currency

Commander currency

Commander Currency Royal Canadian Mint 150th Coin Submission by Jace Actually 8.5x11[/caption]

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be Canadian, and what Canadians mean to the planet. The nerd in me can't help but look in awe at the interconnectedness of nature - how beautiful the experience we share. Canadians are just one nation within our species on the planet, and we are rich in potential to demonstrate what it means to be global citizens. When The Royal Canadian Mint called for artists to mark Canada's 150th birthday in currency, I knew this was my chance to have my art create social change, no pun intended.

As we approach our 150th birthday I hope we see this as our chance to shine, our chance to use this moment to pivot in a direction that's far-reaching and fruitful.

When Commander Chris Hadfield brought us to space, and let us see what he saw, he reminded me of our leadership role as Canadians to demonstrate how to respect and celebrate our beautiful planet. 

As Mr. Hadfield tweeted and sang to us from outer space, I couldn't help but feel a burning sense of pride that it was a Canadian who politely commanded the world's attention to join him in appreciation of our home. More inspiring still, Commander Hadfield made his accomplishment feel achievable for us all; all we have to do is "decide in our hearts what really excites and challenges us."

On our 150th birthday I'd like to salute a great Canadian who is inspiring the world to greatness. Commander Hadfield, my art submission is my thanks to you. Thank you for challenging us to make the world a better place and reminding us to appreciate our home on planet Earth.

I think Chris Hadfield is a great Canadian. I think art can create social change. And I would be proud to have #CommanderCurrency!

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