Dear Charlie

img_4397Today you are one! (Well, yesterday technically since we are in Australia. But today is the day you were born in Canada).
Without a doubt you were born for adventure. You see the world with such openness and love it makes me want to throw caution to the wind and never set foot in the same place twice.
Never lose your spirit. It will carry you through every obstacle and triumph.
Always keep smiling, you have no idea how happy it makes others.
Maintain your curiosity it will keep life worth living, which is the best lesson I could offer you.
Thank you for proving your dad and I could be the parents we always hoped we’d be. You teach us exactly how and we love you for that. I love you till the bear lake has cubs. (Grandma always said that to me, by the way).
Cheers to you baby girl!
Love, mama

One thought on “Dear Charlie

  1. A beautiful happy birthday to yours and Dustins’s daughter! Charlie Rose trust your “Great Aunt Sheila” when I say you are one very lucky little girl to be born to these two fantastic parents. Love you all forever. Happy very first birthday!


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